Geetika’s suicide notes are false, claims Kanda – NewsX

Former Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda continues to claim he is innocent.. He alleges that Geetika’s family members are cooking up a false story … and that he had no contact with Geetika for the last 2 months .. A claim that Geetika’s family members have denied. They say that in fact Kanda threatened them barely hours before Geetika committed suicide. The evidence is piling up against former Haryana Minister of State Gopal Goyal Kanda. But 2 days hours after the suicide of former air-hostess Geetika Sharma.. Kanda is still roaming free despite the fact her suicide note clearly blaming for hounding her to death. A police team interrogated the minister yesterday but Geetika’s family members are questioning the delay in arresting him.

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