TV9 Discussion: ‘Petrol Dhoka’ Fraudulent Bangalore Petrol Bunks Exposed In A Sting Operation – 6/7

TV9 Discussion: ‘Petrol Dhoka’ Fraudulent Bangalore Petrol Bunks Exposed In A Sting Operation – 6/7……..,

TV9, a popular Kannada news channel in Karnataka exposed a bunch of fraudulent petrol bunks in a sting operation at Bangalore on Thursday, the 14th January, 2010. For the sting operation, a TV9 reporter went to various petrol bunks on a Hero Honda motorcycle and asked the petrol bunk attendants to fill fuel for Rs 300. Even as the petrol was being dispensed into the tank, it was routed through a pipe directly to a hidden plastic can located the the rear of the Hero Honda two wheeler.

This unique and highly effective arrangement took the petrol bunk attendants totally by surprise. On measuring the petrol dispensed the T9 team found out that almost every petrol bunk in their sting operation dispensed a lesser quantity of petrol for a given amount of money. Following this sting operation, customers at the petrol pump gave the petrol pump attendants a good trashing. The quantities of petrol dispensed in a few bunks varied by almost 300ml per liter of petrol. That essentially means that the pump has duped you, the customer of 300ml of petrol per liter.

These shocking revelations have sent shock waves across Bangaloreans who now will be extra wary when fueling up at petrol bunks. Meanwhile, we at Indiancarsbikes urge the petroleum ministry and the state owned fuel companies to take immediate and stringent action on the fraudulent petrol bunks in Bangalore and in other parts of India. We also urge vehicle owners to be extra cautious while fueling up at petrol bunks. Another trick popularly used by petrol pump attendants is to distract the customer even as fuel is being dispensed and tamper with the fuel pump reading.

In our experience, petrol bunks operated by the Global petroleum giant Shell has always been dispensing correct quantities of fuel with an instant print of the bill virtually eliminating any kind of cheating by the petrol pump attendants.

Kudos to Shell and shame on all the IOC/IBP/BP/HP petrol bunks many of which indulge in fraudulent activities.