TV9 Filmy: Amulya Makes a Come Back With Ganesh For Untitled Movie

TV9 Filmy: Amulya Makes a Come Back With Ganesh For Untitled Movie………,

Nearly a year ago, Amulya got embroiled in a series of controversies, following which the young actor decided to stay away from showbiz. But her resolve seems to have weakened, what with the actor now ready to face the arc lights again with a film opposite Golden Star Ganesh, her first hero.

The Cheluvina Chittara pair has begun shooting for their new as-yet-untitled film in Mysore. She says, “This isn’t my comeback. I did take some time off, but it worked out well for me. From 2007 to 2011, I’ve had one release a year.” The actor, though, adds that this particular project was an old commitment. “Director Manju Swaraj had approached me two-and-a-half years ago, when I was shooting for Manasology. He insisted that the script was written with me in mind. And since the hero is Ganesh, my first hero, I felt I should do the film,” says Amulya.

As for working with Ganesh again, she says, “When I acted in Cheluvina Chittara, I was still a school girl. It feels nice to work with him again. Whenever I was out and about in town, people used to ask me when we’d team up again. I’m glad we’ve found a good script and I can tell them the Cheluvina Chittara pair is back.”

Quiz her if she has changed after having faced some traumatic experiences in Sandalwood over the past few years and Amulya gets defensive. “I have never faced any problems in the industry till date. Every film of mine has been a good experience. Right from my first director, S Narayan, everyone took care of me as they would of their daughters or a little kid on the sets,” she says.

Ask her if she will sign on any new film after this, and she says, “As of now, I’m doing this film with Ganesh. I’ll finish this one and then I’ll take a decision on what to do next in Sandalwood. Currently, I’m happy being here and I couldn’t ask for more.”