TV9 News : Fire in Columbia Asia Hospital Forces Shifting of 75 Patients

TV9 News : Fire in Columbia Asia Hospital Forces Shifting of 75 Patients…..!

No casualties reported and no surgery was scheduled for the day

More than 75 patients, including eight in the intensive care unit (ICU), were shifted from Columbia Asia Hospital-Hebbal after a fire broke out in the UPS room in the building’s basement.
According to Dr Nandakumar Jairam, medical director and chairman of the hospital, the fire broke out at around 2:45 pm in the basement and smoke quickly spread to different floors.

“The hospital staff immediately shifted all the patients, including those in the ICU, to the waiting ambulances to be taken to different hospitals. The evacuation was completed by 3.15 pm, with no casualties or injuries recorded. There was no surgery scheduled for the day,” he said.

Among the patients shifted were seven hospital staffers, who were admitted to the Yeshwantpur branch of Columbia Asia Hospital, as they complained of inhalation problems due to smoke and the smell of burnt plastic wires.

Nearly 34 patients were shifted to Yeshwantpur, eight to Cauvery Medical Centre, five to M S Ramaiah Hospital and two patients to Baptist Hospital. Twenty-five patients, who were in the last stages of treatment, were discharged and sent home.

However, they were advised by the staff to visit the hospital in case of emergency.
A nurse on duty said although all the patients were moved out promptly, panic prevailed during the shifting process.

“I was in the medicine ward where other hospital staff asked us to move out of the building immediately. We were able to shift the patients and simultaneously move out as well,” she said. Dr Jairam said the cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained.

A detailed investigation will be conducted to know the exact cause. “All precautions were taken as the hospital conducts fire drill every two months where our staff members are trained to handle an emergency situation. The hospital will be back to normal shortly,” he added.