BBMP comes out with grandiose infrastructure plans every once in a while, but does it ever spare a thought for the recreational needs of an important segment of the populace; the city’s children? Distressingly not, going by the dysfunctional state of a toy train at the Deer Park in Hanumanthanagar. The toy train was procured in 2005 at a cost of Rs 1 crore, but has remained stationary for the want of a loco pilot. Every day, children come to the park and look at the train with a sense of anticipation, which quickly turns to dismay. Though the park was inaugurated in 2007, it was only on February 25 this year that BBMP managed to get a certificate from South Western Railways for this 810 meter long train. But BBMP does not have personnel qualified to maintain the tracks. A compound wall needs to be built to prevent the Dhobighat workers from entering the tracks. The BWSSB work too is pending at the park. Over the years, hundreds of tots must have had their hopes of a joy-filled train ride dashed thus.